Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Revisited

Sage and Rosemary Words (aka Chica) are taking us to see the new Star Trek movie tonight. Aren't they Sweet?

I never watched the series when it was on originally. After marrying a dyed in the wool Trekker and then watching the reruns ad nauseum as we raised the 4 boys, I can, however, quote certain episodes with the best of them. My favorite, of course, was "The Trouble With Tribbles". I bought Geezer a Sweet little Tribble years back in the 80s that he kept until about 3 years ago. It survived all those aliens but unfortunately, Clancy ate it!

I spent a lot of money on Star Trek paraphernalia over the years for Geezer. He still has a Universal Remote, shaped like a phaser, that I thought would solve the problem of five remotes to turn on the TV, VCR, Surround Sound and whatever those other two things were. It didn't, but they had fun beaming the light at the TV and making noises with it until the sound of it drove me crazy and I hid it.

He had a set of schematic drawings for the Enterprise at one point back in the 70s but it's gone missing. I was delighted to buy him a set of record albums, one called the Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy at a celebrity auction that I had chaired. With the help of his secretary, I'd managed to get Leonard Nimoy to sign them the night before he left for Yugoslavia to make one of the movies.

Now this is surely a collector's item but while I would trust Mr. Spock with my life, I have to tell you those Vulcans sure can't sing !

Geezer has a Star Trek jacket ( also has a Star Wars crew jacket but that's another saga from far far away), mugs, beer glasses, a bottle of blue Romulan Ale, pencils, holograms, books, bookmarks, and a communicator. I also spent more money on an official Star Trek Tri_corder for him for Christmas one year than I did for my youngest son's Castle Grey Skull and then found out that.... Oh, never mind, Lone Duck will tell you that story.

Take us out Mr. Sulu,


Geezerguy said...

Great blog. It makes me even more anxious for this evening's treat. Now I'll have to dig through my stuff and find that remote...I think it might still work with some fresh batteries. I'll leave it on stun. Promise.

Old Newsie said...

Where in the name of whatever are you storing all that stuff you say you bought and have? Or maybe does Scotty beam it DOWN to you on demand?

~loneduck~ said...

WHAT storie would that be yt???

oh you mean the one where you complained that it didnt work like the one on tv???

I always thought you were fakeing that


Yarntangler said...

Most of the Star Trek stuff is stored in CAlifornia., I wasn't faking - at first until I realized what I had said.