Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Sweet Day

Do you know what a DIL is? I do, I have four of them. DIL#1 is married to Son#3. DIL#2 is married to Son#1. DIL #3 is married to Son#2 while DIL#4 somehow managed to marry Son #4.

It wasn't that long ago when only#1 was a DIL and then she had only recently been promoted from #2 when the original #1 became a non number. Then in a very short amount of time came DIL2B#1 who became DIL#3 and DIL2B#2 who ended up DIL#2. When it was her turn DIL2B#3 finally became DIL#4.

When I first started blogging I knew I couldn't always refer to the girls this way so they went through a series of names until we came up with appellations I thought would stick. But even that has evolved; two of them have changed identities at their own request. One liked her name and indeed blogs under it and the last has not expressed an opinion but mostly because she rarely reads blogs.

What's this all about? Nothing. It was mainly to make this post a little longer than I knew it would be tonight because my eye hurts and I'm not concentrating well.

But I have to share two Sweet things that happened today and both were do to DILs #1 and #3 to be precise.

Sweet thing #1:

DIL#1, Chica, (who began blog life as Sparkles and is now beginning to morph into Rosemary Words), gave up her first afternoon off since she began substitute teaching, to take me on base so I could go swimming.

Okay, so she did have to drop her car off to get a new windshield but she didn't have to drive accross town to pick me up. She did that because she's so Sweet, of course.Not only that, but she made sure to stop and pick up a power bar for me since I've been known recently to have sudden low blood sugar attacks. It was very welcome after an hour of aerobics.

Sweet Thing #2

As we were walking to the pool, I got a call from Dil #3, Buttercup, who did something guarenteed to make a MIL feel good. She asked for advice! What's more it had nothing to do with baking a cake from scratch-good thing since I think that means opening the box of Duncan Hines. Nope, she asked my suggestions on some matters regarding an important career choice. I felt very flattered that she turned to me for an opinion. Since I think all of my girls are ahead of me career wise it was a very sweet thing to have happen out of the blue.

I've been reading a lot about Sweet things this month as I follow several blogs who are trying to work with the NaBloPoMo challenge. I'm trying to become sweeter in my own dealings with people and paying attention to random acts of kindness witnessed by me or performed by me. I stumbled upon a wonderful blog you might want to take a look at. A Year of Living Charitably It has some lovely, simple ideas for adding a bit of sweetness to others lives.

Sweet Dreams!

See ya down the road,


Anonymous said...

As one of your 4 DIL's I am sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we are very lucky to have such a SWEET and awesome MIL like you!

Yarntangler said...

"Awe Shucks Ma'm". she says blushing.

Old Newsie said...

Would you repeat those nmbers again please? I got lost somewere there