Friday, May 1, 2009

Creating a Sweet Universe

This month's suggested topic is: Sweet.

Yep, just the word, Sweet.
I really hadn't planned to accept the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge this month. But then Chris did it. Then Hilly went for it and Old Newsie, who told me he absolutely was not going to do it did it anyway. But the one who got me was Lone Duck! I think he's only done 4 blogs ever and everyone is an entertaining exercise in the creative use of the English language. That was a surprise!

I thought to myself, "This is Sweet! If I do it, there will be four members of the same family and an awfully good friend." Okay, I'll tr
y again. Hopefully, my eyes (which are a lot better today) will hold out for a bit longer.

So I began thinking about the rather wide open topic. Sweet; now how many scores of ways could one go? I spent about four hours Googling every word combination I could think of that included Sweet. I looked up sweet babies, sweet kittens, sweet indulgences, sweet ideas, even sweet potatoes. I probably put on five pounds drooling over chocolates, ice cream, cup cakes and baked Alaska.

Hundreds of blog inspiring ideas. There should be no excuse for me this month. (knock on wood). But how to start the month off;which idea would be a good intro? I turned to my trusty collection of quotations and read about 200 sweet romantic, funny, and fattening quotes before I found it.

If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. ~Carl Sagan

Well, I'm not God, but I am trying to establish something Sweet this time. I'd like to see how many people I can reach with these little exercises. Please leave a comment this month -you can be the famous A. Nony Mous if you like. Just share whatever the topic suggests to you. Then share my blog with your friends. The past few months have been tough on a lot of us and it would be nice if we could make more people smile simply by thinking Sweet thoughts for a few moments each day.

That would be Sweet.

See ya down the road,


~loneduck~ said...

So YT I took up your gage and accepted the challange well see how I do. TLD

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

That is a goal of ours, every moment of our lives, "Creating a Sweet Universe" is absolutely the perfect way to start any challenge.

We always follow your ramblings and we are looking forward to all the sweetness May will bring.

Anonymous said...

It will be VERY sweet when Mondy is overwith! I look forward to all of us finishing May's challenge.

spiritualastronomer said...

It's going to be interesting seeing how many ways we can all write about "sweet."

Geezerguy said...

Well, you can't go wrong with ole Carl Sagan to kick things off. I think you're sweet enough to come up with a good month's worth.

Karen said...

I can just hear Carl Sagan saying "billions and billions". That was really sweet!