Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sweet Cool Bargain

Geezer and I usually can weather the weather fairly well but today was not just hot, 101 degrees, but it was also muggy. It tried to rain a couple of times this afternoon but all we got was enough to make the windshield spotty.

Chica and Sage came over after church and we had lunch sitting outside in our "Arizona Room", which was actually cooler than inside with the air conditioner on. I made a really simple 4 bean chunky dip to go with chips and avocados. It was really good and Clancy didn't get much to lick out o the bowl.

It was sweet just sitting around talking until both Sage and Geezer fell asleep at the same time. Chica and I talked a bit more and then decided we should wake up our men and get them animated once again. Chica did it by suggesting a third trip to see Star Trek for them and Sage woke up enough to agree.

Once they left, I suggested a movie would be a lot cooler this evening than TVfor us too this evening. So we looked in the paper and discovered a second run theater with great prices. So we went to see Nicholas Cage in Knowing. It was an okay bit of escapism which got generally mediocre reviews. To all my new Mom friends, this is not a film to take your kids to see. The special effects were done very well.

This theater only charges $2.75 for Seniors and all Tuesday shows are only $1.50. We've decided it will be a great place to spend the hottest part of the day once a week. This next week we'll go see Slum Dog Millionaire.

Oh and the best part? After you spend $4.00 on a big bucket of popcorn you also get a free refill! Sweet deal huh?

See ya down the road,


spiritualastronomer said...

That sounds like a great place to see a movie, especially the free popcorn refill. Don't you hate the hot muggy weather? It's pretty much what we've been having here the rare times it isn't raining. We went to see "Angels and Demons."

Anonymous said...

I guess I can't complain to much about where we live YT, its 36 degrees here at the moment ( 6:54am) yesterday it didn't get above 56 but the rest of the week we're working towards mid 70's and maybe even 80!

Family get together are wonderful! You don't even need to spend money to enjoy the company. Just being together is all that matters. ( althoughbt the theater that you found sounds awesome, we have one here thats called the "dollar theater",works for me)

LD and I are hoping you will have good luck finding a place to spend a season with us sometime in the next year or so.

Geezerguy said...

I enjoyed it too. It's been a while since we've paid that little for a movie. Nice theater too.

Old Newsie said...

Anybody remember Captain Hook?
Last movie I've seen in a movie theater!