Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek - The Review

Just so you know - the new Star Trek movie was out of this world! I confess I only went to make Jim and the kids happy but I'm the one who suggested we go back again tomorrow ( oh right, tonight). But this time we'll go to the Drive - in and bring hot dogs and even Clancy who loves watching that big TV outside.

I had not expected to enjoy the movie so much but it was a real treat. If you ever watched the TV show go see it. It's great fun. And thanks go out to Sage and Chica, it was Sweet of you to take us.

See ya down the road,


hilly said...

I have been a "trekie", "trekor" (not sure which one they use these days) for years. I have seen all the movies. Star Trek 4 is my favorite to date. I think LD and I are going on a date soon.

Thanks YT

Tangled Noodle said...

Thanks for confirming firsthand what I've been reading from newspaper reviews! I'm a "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fan myself but have always enjoyed the original. This looks like a fun movie! I asked my husband to take me for my birthday.