Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Sweet Reminder of Yesteryear

Geezer just decided we should go to the Drive In tonight and enjoy the breezes while we laugh at Ben Stiller.

We had our first date at the drive-in in North Adams, Massachusetts about 43 years ago. I wonder if he remembers what movie we saw?

So he's packing the lawn chairs and I just packed the fried chicken.

Clancy gets to go too.

We're off.

See ya down the road,


Old Newsie said...

You found a drive in theater in Tucson? Congratulations!

Did he remember the movie you saw in North Adams?

What did you see tonight?

Pretty shot blog but you covered your challenge. for Sunday.

Geezerguy said...

Well, I couldn't remember the exact movie, probably because I wasn't paying that much attention to the show. But I remember lots of drive-in dates in those days, and later with the kids when the swing sets really came in handy.
Good times.