Monday, May 11, 2009

The Tale of Skooba's Sweet Ride.

has had a few memorable birthdays in his short 31 years. When he was nine years old his older brothers got up at dawn and went to a small park a few blocks away to bury a treasure. Then they set up clues and markers all over the park and drew a treasure map. One at a time they came home for a break, always leaving two to guard the site a
nd later to set up the picnic tables for the birthday party. Most of the children in his class came for the picnic party and each of them went home with part of the pirate's loot.

We didn't have a magician at that party. His Sweet big brothers- Lone Duck, Jugglesorcerer, and Sage Words planned it and carried it out completely by themselves. Ironically however, Jugglesorcerer grew up to entertain children at parties and fairs as a juggler/magician and even Skooba himself earned a decent amount of pocket money in his teens as an incredible juggler, much in demand for church functions, birthday parties and farmers/artisans fairs.

Which leads me to his next most memorable birthday. The most important one in the life of an American Male - his 16th birthday. On that day Skooba was old enough to drive. He was soon in possession of the single most prized document this country could offer-his driver's license. But the biggest gift he got that year was to become his most precious possession for more than 10 years. On his birthday he bought himself his first car!

Skooba saved and saved for that car. I think it cost him $241.54 or some strange amount like that as the owner said she'd sell it to him for the price of her fuel bill. He did odd jobs and even baby sat. He'd take most of his pay to the seller each week and she kept a record of his payments. We were so proud of his determination until we found out that he was adding in his lunch money and we put a stop to that.

Then he came up with a winner. He spent every Saturday morning at the Bellingham, WA Farmers' Market juggling for quarters and the occasional dollar bill. To an eclectic mix of taped music that went from Also Sprach Zarathustra to Pearl Jamb, and Dave Matthews and Night on Bald Mountain, he astounded the crowd with his ball manipulation. He did a 25 minute routine, that began with his opening music cranked up on his boom box to draw a crowd, and then played at a comfortable audience level. Painfully shy, he rarely spoke but was adored by his audience who often called him to perform for their functions.

The day came: May 11,1994, and Skooba had his precious 1968 Buick Electra, four door, hard t
op (that looked almost like this picture). Skooba was so proud of that car but was soon awakened to the fact that it was one of the all time greatest gas guzzlers ever created. I'm not sure he ever managed to fill it's mammoth tank but he sure got the chance to become one of the most proficient 3 or 4 ball jugglers in Western Washington as he fed it liquid sustenance one quarter at a time.

Fast forward 14 years to May 11, 2008, the Electra has finally gone to it's final parking space, but Skooba has found a new love. On his 30th birthday he married his beautiful Pearlie . Today is their First Anniversary. May they share many many more wonderful days together.

Happy Birthday Skooba!

Happy Anniversary Pearlie and Skooba!

See ya down the road,


Ray said...

Thanks Mom. We had one of the best days I can remember.

Anonymous said...

How sweet YT. Happy Birthday/anniversary Ray(and Paula)

Old Newsie said...

skooba sarts out young hunting pirate treaure, finds a classic car later, then a little moola with his handiwork with balloons, like Jugglesorcerer, but look at the last treasure he came up with -that lovely fast dancer I met a year ago named Paula