Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talk About a Sweet Deal!

On the way home from a Memorial Day bar-b-que last evening, I suggested we stop at Fry's for some ice cream. After fantastic grilled chicken, veggies, hamburgers, hot dogs, and salads I was craving something sweet.

As we walked in the door, we spied several tables, grocery carts and plastic crates near the front door. My super powers came into play and I instantly used my

sense to uncover a

As Geezerguy stood helplessly by, I swooped in and began to gather, at super speed, pancake mix, hot chocolate, and other goodies. I only took a couple of each but then came the great voice from above.

"Attention Fry's Shoppers, take a look at our sale table near the front of the store. Everything on the table is now on sale for $.10 each. That's ten cents folks."I didn't even have to ask. I turned around and saw that my sweet trusty sidekick, who thought all we wanted was Blue Bunny ice cream, had magically produced a cart. Good thing, my arms were loaded down with:

8 boxes of specialty teas
10 packages of potato pancake mix
4 jars of borscht (which we love!)
1 tin of chocolate macaroons
1 makeup brush
2 bottles of all natural flea dip
11 packages of instant hot chocolate

None of the products were outdated and all the Kosher foods were made by Manischewitz which is, of course, a premium brand. When I asked, they told me they were extremely overstocked with Kosher foods and they needed to make room for other products. I guessed that this was a post Passover response to popular items once the season was over. Nice thing about being a Gentile that loves Jewish foods is that we eat it any time of the year.

So about ten minutes after we entered the store we went through the check out. Turned out the Ice Cream was on sale too although not quite as deep a discount. We paid $7.26 for everything. When we got home I made note of the original prices of all my purchases.

Thirty-five items total. The ice cream, normally $5.29 cost $3.86.

For the other thirty -four items which came to a retail total of $98.39, I paid a whopping $3.40!

Sweet, huh?

I gave some of the loot to Chica and there's an elderly gentleman here at the RV park on a fixed income so I think I'll leave him a bit tomorrow also.

See ya down the road,


Theresa Bates said...

That's MY kind of shopping!!! Way to go! And kudos for sharing with others!

Old Newsie said...

Yes, a real bargain. I suppose Geezer had to throw out another box of movies so you could pack everything in.
Re the elderly gentlemen: He most likely appreciated your gifts. And I see Thesea Bates commented again - you have a new friend/followerI guess. Know who yet?
And has Chica changed to Rosemary Words for good?

hilly said...

Yum and very cool. You got a knack for finding the goodies.