Friday, May 22, 2009

The Sweet Life

Living full time in a 32 foot Winnebago has its ups and downs, ins and outs, and tos and fros.

There are moments of absolute terror. One was the day we were frantically trying to cross an overpass to safety on the other side of the I-10 in Western New Mexico, when we were slammed by a wall of wind, rain, and dust strong enough to push us against the guard rail on the wrong side of the road. Somehow we managed to get across the bridge and pulled, almost blindly off the road into a wide area next to another RV.

What we couldn't see or hear was the 18 wheeler caught by the same solid wall of water and wind. That skilled driver managed to avoid hitting us as he maneuvered to within a few inches in front of us.
Then the lightening started and we were certain we'd be struck anytime. The storm passed us and about six other high profile vehicles in the small turn out, after the longest twenty minutes of my life.

Cautiously, we got out and checked to make sure everyone was okay while casting a leery eye at the dark sky still to our West. We just stood outside and took in the sight of downed limbs and debris spread all over the highway. We laughed nervously and bid each other good luck as we got back into our trucks and motor homes. Three of us decided to call it a day although it was barely 2PM. The sky was still getting darker. When we spied an RV park less than a block from where we had stopped we made a beeline for it.

There are moments of total frustration. So unbelievable we stare at each other trying to figure out what else can possibly go wrong. Last year was one of those moments.

  • In February, we had to have an RV windshield replaced in Yuma Arizona.
  • In March, we lost our roof in Mohave CA. Yep, the whole roof. We got to spend most of the month we should have spent with Buttercup and Jugglesorcerer in the parking lot of an RV dealership in Fresno.
  • In April we did have a good month in my sister's back yard awaiting Skooba's wedding on May 11. Two days later we headed to South Dakota and had the best Workamping job ever. Great fun great people.
  • On June 7th a rock spit out of a lawn mower hit the windshield.
  • In September we got the RV windshield replaced. We headed to Coffeyville, Kansas. Geezer worked for and made some decent money.
  • In December as we were about to leave just before Christmas we experienced trouble with the Jeep. Got a new radiator.
  • On Christmas Eve we got the jeep back, hooked up and took off only to get 1 mile down the road before the RV began overheating dangerously. We canceled our plans for Christmas with friends in Tulsa and got it fixed.
  • Got it fixed and went to Tulsa and for New Year's the plan was to buy new tires. We did also an entire front end job, tie rods and a bunch of other stuff.

2008 it t'werent that great!

But... we got to see 4 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, 1 sister, 1 brother-in-law, 3 nephews, 1 niece. one Dad, a whole bunch of old friends and quite a few new ones.

2009 is turning out fine.

  • In January, we got to Dad's .
  • Got a new windshield for the Jeep for our birthday presents.
  • Saw Dad and Lady B, 1 Brother and 1 Sister-in-law.
  • February, we came to Arizona and discovered we could do limited boondocking for a couple of months and have a great time doing it.Ran into more old friends, made some new ones.
  • March, we connected with a good clinic and began tuneups and overhauls on both Yarntangler's and Geezerguy's chasis.
  • April connected with the Santa clause School in Denver CO and Geezer was accepted for this coming season.
  • All Spring have had a chance to be with another son and Daughter-in-law. even got to see Star Trek!
  • This past week we bought new tires for the Jeep and in about an hour we'll pack up Clancy, Sage and Chica in said Jeep and head to New Mexico for the weekend to visit with Old Newsie and Lady B.

This is a kind of freedom that we dreamed of for so many years. We just decided 2 weeks ago to make this trip and here we go. That never would have been possible 5 years ago. Yes this really is the sweet life.

What did you ask?

Why aren't we taking the RV?

Oh heh heh... It needs a new Windshield!

See ya down the road,


Theresa Bates said...

Happened upon your blog by accident and would like to offer North Georgia as a future destination. Its lovely here and the folks are real nice and friendly! Have a safe journey on your travels!

Old Newsie said...

Hey, a whole year's diary on once page.

And Theresa's suggestion of north Georgia sounds good since Geezer has a brother of thataway. From here you at least a third of the way over there. But a few hitches - the MH needs a windshield again, it isn't with you and Sage and Chica would have to go AWOL

spiritualastronomer said...

Ditto. And you could stop in Oklahoma along the way.

Tangled Noodle said...

Despite all the repair issues and scary moments, what fun! You're not living in a 32-foot Winnebago: it's just the means by which you get around your real abode - anywhere in the entire country! 8-D