Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can a Visit to the Dentist Fit the Sweet Theme?

The old Geezer has to have a tooth pulled in about an hour. He is not in a very sweet mood at the moment. It's hot, he's been helping to gut a park model all day, and his tooth hurts. I'm going with him in case for any reason he can't drive home. It hasn't occurred to him yet that I can't really see very well at the present time but it will.

Don't worry I won't end up driving. But my poor sweet guy has a dread of dentists for good reasons stemming from his childhood dental visits with Dr. Yell. I did not make that up it really was the dentist's name. So I'm going for moral support.

That's me being sweet today.

But, speaking about driving while visually impaired, I just heard about a book that both Scrabblebuff and I are going to have to read quickly. It's called The Widows' Adventure by Charles Dickenson . It's about two elderly sisters driving from Chicago to California. One's blind and the other can't drive-so she gives directions! Sounds like something my sister and I might do!... Well, maybe not. Anyway they are about to release a movie, made from the book, this year starring Diane Keaton. So I want to read it first.

3 hours later:

Just got back from the Dentist. They had to pull the tooth, the root, and because the root was curved around the bone, a piece of that went also. Guess I'll have to be extra sweet to Geezerguy for a few days.

we waited at the pharmacy for his prescription, I had him pick up the next Dean Koontz paperback we both have been waiting for -Odd Hours.
Since I know it will distract him from the pain that will be hitting him pretty soon now that the numbness is wearing off, he gets to read it first. See? That's pretty sweet,right?

Oh...and the air conditioned waiting room, at the dentist's office was definitely sweet. While I waited, I finished another extra long, super soft scarf to sell and began a matching hat. Several people complemented them so that was sweet as well.

Sorry, Jim, Sweet wasn't my idea!

See ya down the road,


spiritualastronomer said...

Geezer reads Koontz's Odd books? I got introduced to them last summer up in the mountains. Hopefully the latest one will take his mind off his now-absent tooth a little.

Old Newsie said...

I notice you didn't SAY whether you drove Geezerguy home after his dental torture.
BTW, do you remember a dental trip to a Dr. Pullim in Langhorne, Pennsylvania?
And did you know that my appendix was uprooted in Fall River, Massachusetts by Dr. Blood?

Tangled Noodle said...

I was seriously traumatized by my childhood dentist; I still feel queasy going in for my cleaning. Hope all's better soon!