Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweet Pleasures

I have become obsessed with two TV programs.

Dancing With the Stars is one guilty pleasure. I always wanted to grow up to dance with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. That didn't happen. But when I was very young I learned some ball room dancing from my Dad and Granddad who was a competition winner. I was so grateful they had taught me to dance so that on my wedding day I really did feel like a princess in my beautiful hoop skirt and dancing with all of our parents friends. My own friends, including my Sweet Prince, were not much for dancing once it got beyond the Stroll or the Mashed Potato. In fact, now that my youngest is married, I probably won't have too many more occasions to dance.

Anyway, I enjoy watching other people dance well. In my humble opinion, I don't think Lil Kim should have been eliminated last week. And I'll cast my vote for Gilles next week.

And for the first time I've gotten hooked on American Idol. What a season this has been. Any of the final four are singers who will not disappear. Adam Lambert, of course, is a phenomenal performer and there's no way he he can do less than hit it big. I know it's an old fashioned-Broadway song and Simon would hate it, but I would love to see him come down that staircase singing "One Singular Sensation".

While I love Chris Allen,I don't believe sweet Danny Gokey should have gone home tonight. Despite the "scream heard r
ound the world" he has one of the best voices I've heard and he is true to his own style. Jim has already promised we'll buy his CD when it comes out.
I was amazed at Allison's huge talent but I'm kind of glad she will have another couple of years to grow before the craziness begins. At least I hope so.

My other guilty pleasure is chocolate but, of course, as a diabetic I have to ration it out . Well, today the Sweetest thing happened. The Fed Ex guy came and handed me a box. Looking at the return address I was a bit surpris
ed. It said it came from Mars Direct! Huh?? Opening it, I found a package of custom M&Ms! pastel colored, they all say "Marcie's M". My long suffering, sweet Prince, who can't wait for Gilles and Adam to win so the darned shows will be over, had them sent as a Mother's Day gift. That was so sweet, I guess I'll wait a week or two to tell him I want to watch the new show about the Glee club that's going to start soon!

See ya down the road,


Anonymous said...

Like father like son! I agree with you completely about DWTS. I don't watch America Idol but my mom does and she agrees with you about Adam. She says he raises the hair on her arms when he sings.

Old Newsie said...

I don't think Lil Kim should have been sent home. She done good. An appeal is in order. In fact she has the appeal