Sunday, May 3, 2009

Washing Day

We just got back from Chica and Sage Words' house. Most Sundays after church we go over for dinner and to watch movie on their big TV or better yet to play a board game, laugh and talk.
This is one of the Sweetest parts of our Second Life. Getting to spend some quality time with family.

So far, in the almost five years we've been on the road, we've been able to spend at least several weeks in shouting distance of three of the four boys, my sister, and my Dad. We've also been able to visit with both of my brothers at the same time we were hanging out with Dad or the kids. We are hoping- not promising- that we'll find seasonal work near Lone Duck and Hilly in upstate NY within the next year or so and then drop down to Georgia to see Geezer's brother too.

The pleasures of this close proximity are obvious but some of the perks are pretty cool too. Number one among the perks is getting to do my laundry for free! Another RVr once told me the test of a true friend isn't whether they say "Come park in my driveway.", it's "Do you want to do your laundry?"

Chica has a wonderful big state of the art washer and dryer. My sister does too. Using theirs sure makes it rough when we have to go back to using the laundromat at some little strip mall.

Yep, saves time and money and the love comes free too.

See ya down the road,


Anonymous said...

It will be totally awesome when you and Geezerguy can drive through our neck of the woods. We'll go to Panera Bread for sure! Depending on the time of year we'll go down to the lake, we can take Clancy there, and walk the pier. There are so many things we can do. Traveling is so much fun. We envy you but someday I have high hopes that LD and I will be out in the wild blue yonder as well.

Yarntangler said...

I had to laugh. Here you are on a flushing out diet for your colonoscopy and the first thing you can think of to do in the entire Upstate NY region is go to Panera Bread!

Yes I'm anxious to go to grandma moses country and niagra falls and the Genessee Living History park. But most of all we want to see you and LD.