Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Six Sweet Clicks

It was really hot and I spent most of the day surf...researching the web - again. I found some really Sweet stuff too! Then I realized it was nearly dinner time and I hadn't written a blog so I decided to try an experiment.

I wanted to see what would happen if I took any one of the blogs in my list at the right and simply clicked at one of theirs and then one of theirs and then...Well, you get the idea.

So just for the fun of it, follow my lead for a few minutes. Be careful to not get lost! It's really easy to find yourself completely clueless as to how you got somewhere in Cyberspace.

Click 1) My Ice Cream Diary that's the one over there on the right. I have no idea how I found it a couple of months ago but who could resist a title like that? From that Ultimately Sweet Blog I chose a connection at random from her list.

Click 2) Lords of the Manor Here I read about a child who became obsessed with all things Irish and learned a fantastic new word for Scrabble, at least I hope it's a word. It should be a word if it isn't. Oh you want to know the word? Okay it's perseverate. And as if that wasn't delightful enough I was caught by the fact that her title descriptor line read, Ramblings of a Semi-Lucid Mind. Hows that for serendipity?

On a roll, so I checked her blog list and had to laugh at a title that
conjured up all sorts of images;

Click 3) Stuck in a Frump and Striving for Fab Scroll down to the post called Sunday Funnies for a post I could have written (thanks to Skooba) twenty some years ago if I'd had a blog (or even a computer) then.

I was still laughing when I was suddenly brought up short! This Blogger did not have a blog list! Now what do I do?...Think?...It's too hot to think. I can't go back and start over that defeats the whole quest. Wait! the comments! So I did and I found Cyndi at the top so...

Click 4) For the Love of Sleep Funny story about a young Army wife vs. spider. Even better, tomorrow's blog inspiration as I pass along my first ever meme. But once again no list of blogs so back to the comments. (Okay, so I totally ignored the big button that said blog roll- I don't know how to put those on my blog yet so I don't think about them. Just noticed it now while double checking something.)

Click 5) The Army of Allmans Now this young woman has my respect and admiration. She has just completed a book (hear about it from her) while simultaneously raising four sons who are all planning to be superheroes. As the mother of four grown sons who are superheroes my mask is off to her.

But one of her super powers left me amazed. When I went looking for my last click I never could have imagined what I would find. I'm still astonished at the way things turn out.

Click 6) Random Ramblings ! What do you suppose the odds are this happening? (okay for those of you who are reading but forgot the name of my blog, I'll wait while you scroll up and find out.) Now, this one hasn't been updated in awhile but I enjoyed what I read and I have had some pretty dry periods myself. I left her a comment. I will check back with her another random afternoon.

So today I connected with a circle of six other women. All but one of them are young mothers in various early stages of life's journey with their children. I think the last might be my age and at a point where we can sit back and congratulate ourselves that we survived those days. Our little ones are now adults we are proud to call our friends as well as our children. While some of them might be related, I don't know a single one of them - yet. We are all connected. I hope they will come and visit. That would be Sweet.

See ya down the road,


Cyndi said...

This was such a fun post and it is so exciting to see that I ended up on your list! I don't know that you would have found my ANY other way.

Oh, and more serendipity is that I am a knitter and I just LOVE the title of your blog. Some times I feel like I am more of a yarntangler than a knitter.

You should go back and read more about my friend at Army of Allmans story. It is more amazing than you know. She has had a fight for her life over the last year.

Okay, I am off to read more of your blog. Oh, and yes, you just take the meme and do it on your blog. You are supposed to "tag" 8 people to do the meme next, but I didn't. Thanks for letting me know about this post!

Old Newsie said...

You ladies just lost me with yur criss-crossing.

Jen said...

Now this is a fun post! Thanks for visiting today. I will have to try your game and see where I wind up.

Becky said...

This was a delightful post, and a great 'game' to play!

I'm glad you dropped by!

Your travels by RV sound quite adventuresome, and no doubt make for plenty of great bloggin'.

Hi Cyndi! Hi Jen! **waves**

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ooooo, I love blog hopping, and it looks like you had a great trip in blog land. I'm flattered that you started with me. Lately I feel like a rather sorry example of a blog, so your words cheered me up. =)

The Army of Allmans said...

How fun- the blog hopping. Glad you found me through cyndi! Random Rambolings is my brothers blog (that last post was about me) to clear it all up! Gald to hear these boys will grow up one day and I can blog without crying/yelling/whinning kids! Thank you and God Bless! Lanessa

Yarntangler said...

Sorry, Lanessa, I said they'd grow up to be superheroes but I never said they'd stop whining!